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We actually passed Fratelli many times on our way to visit our sister&brother who lives in the area. Unfortunately we never noticed it before. Might have been a narrow sidewalk or us simply not expecting a restaurant around there.

Nothing much to boast about here, a clean and simple front with a fair amount of glass. Their word mark is written in not easily readable script font with an oven illustration which does the restaurant no justice. They only reason we know it's an oven and not a bee hive is due to the tagline "Classic Wood Oven Pizza". We parked on the side in a somewhat dark alley, plenty of parking spots though. There was no direct way to get in from the lot, so we took a small trip around the building looking for the entrance. Later on we noticed a rail garage door shut for the season – it was actually well integrated in the interior and lead to the parking area. We should check the place out in the summer to see how that changes our experience.

We were welcomed by a man smiling at the bar, we believe the owner. He was there all night, looking very content to see us. We passed by a wall with a window-like opening, giving a great panoramic view of the restaurant - a live painting. On the way to our table, we also passed their open kitchen area with a chalk board filled by specials above - not a very obvious place to be read, but a good idea.
The interior was very open, walls were painted a warm brown with stone faced sections, stone-tiles floor and black furniture. They had interesting wine storage shelves with wood lettuce, but we didn't think its a good idea to have them near the ceiling with direct light at them. Unless they were decorations, this is not the best way to store decent wine.

Our waitress quickly brought us up to speed on what’s new and exciting at Fratellis. We asked our waitress to recommend us some dishes and perhaps what's popular. She strongly suggested Victoria's pizza and their salads. She also mentioned sharing an appetizer and a pizza is a good idea.
Their neatly organized menu seemed to be geared towards pizza selection more than anything else although we noticed a decent selection of pasta dishes with home-made sauces. There was a side Wine List cart, dominated by Italian and Californian one at reasonable prices. Their house wine was available in a variety of sizes from 5oz all the way to a little carafe. We made a mental note to get a glass or two next time we are here.
At last, we ordered their White Pizza on special and Milan's Pizza, there was no choice on size all are 11". Their daily soup also appeared quite appetizing - creamy bacon, potatoes and leek.

As we waited, lounging music was playing in the background putting us in the right mood. As we were quite hungry, we did miss not having bread or something to munch on. Perhaps the appetizer recommendation was not to be ignored.
It took a little bit over fifteen minutes for our pizzas to arrive, but we were hungry enough to dig in at once, burning ourselves a bit against the hot crust fresh out of the oven. That wood-burning oven was in the corner, open for viewing as one of the restaurant attractions - it was topped with little mosaic-like stones. The pizza's crust itself was thin and floury. We found White Pizza quite an interesting and remarkably flavorful choice. It came with copious areas of ricotta cheese, smoked salmon, the dish was adorned with plenty of spinach, red onion and some delicious fried capers (the most original ingredient for us). Although there was no sauce, this pizza felt quite filling. Milan's Pizza was more traditional - tomato sauce base, red onions, grilled chicken, feta and a tad of mozzarella. The best part were the sundried tomatoes - an intriguing addition.

Fratelli is quite a place for the neighborhood. Definitely a restaurant to visit with your family in the evening, or even on a date. We found it not pretentious, but wholesome. The service was great and staff very knowledgeable. Check it out if you are in the area!

ps In retrospect, we regret not checking their dessert menu.

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