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We stopped over for a quick breakfast and a meet-up with friends from the area. Appears we were not the only ones with this idea on Sunday morning - there were a few other couples, although we thought it will be busier than that.

We had their cranberry scones were just out if the oven, very yummy and not too sweet. Unfortunately, there wasn't too much savory choice (food-wise) made on premises. The sandwiches were made by Foodbenders. There was a fairly large selection of them, but about 80% of the sandwich was focaccia-like bread - too much for our taste. The bread was not very fresh but the ingredients in there were quite flavorful. In addition, we could not get it warmed up, which was unfortunate. In retrospect, they were not bad cold though.
Cafe Novo is not too focused on breakfast food, however there is a large selection of coffee drinks and teas. Elizabeth, the owner, served us a great steeped tea and a freshly ground coffee.

This cafe is about meeting local people and being social. The atmosphere will put you in the right mood. It is a very friendly place with a piano in the corner, stucco walls, weathered wooden tables and a chess board in the middle.

Cafe Novo is moving to Kensington due to rent increase which will be a loss for High Park, but gain for the new area! We will definitely visit them in their new location in a few months.

PS: check out their washroom, there is a fun word jumble on the door - anyone can circle their findings!

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