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A friend from work pointed this place out, once he treated me a large home-made marshmallow from a jar. (an interesting combo or sweet and salty, lovely texture)
He also found their backyard BBQ one day, to which we went, a few weeks back. We dressed our own burgers and had some great fries with their homemade sauces.
This day, my sister was taking me out for my birthday lunch.

dark, unnoticeable but intriguing ruby hues

On Gilead - a tiny street off of King East, not eery but rather clean and residential. Passing by, you can see in a few people's back yards. If you don't know where you are going, you won't find it. Its a truly hidden gem. It is a small, brick building with a not-too-impressive wordmark of a jar. (they could have made it more of a graphic)

plum, beat, hint of strawberry
menus? waiter?
The drill turned out to be - look around all the walls, pick, order, sit down. We realized that after a few minutes of sitting on a table and looking around.
It took me some time to make a decision, because there was so much I want to try. Tempting cheese platter, BLT, egg dishes.. After asking the man at the counter for his recommendations, we decided to share the Nicoise Style Salad with Hot Smoked Whitefish, as well as their Pulled Poutine. My sis asked for their sweetest white wine, which she was told is their Pondview Estate Riesling, so she took a glass, while I tried their Kozelman Pinot Blanc. While we paid, I asked if the menu is seasonal, and hence they have the neat chalk boards. He confirmed they are. I asked how often Jamie Kennedy comes in, or does he just create the recipes then has a sous-chef making them daily. He said, he is in the kitchen right now and told me to take a peak. Unfortunately I had not done my thorough research to remember exactly what he looks like, but I like to assume I made eye contact with him. 

some light truffle and meat aroma
We took our wines and sat down, in the table area with a delightful wall of window walls on one side and their main wall with adorable, colorful jars on the other. Light, birch tables everywhere. We made our own addition with my flower bouquet.
Our wine glasses were custom Jamie Kennedy ones - simple, elegant, smart location for pouring measure purposes. My sister's Riesling was nowhere as close as she expected. My pinot blanc was floral with a light aftertaste.

fruity, soft, delicate
Our meal didn't take long. The waiter left it for us with cutlery, request for pepper and a brief explanation. To my surprise the plates were small, the salad looked a bit crammed and tight. It was delicious, with mayo-mustard cream sauce, bard-boiled eggs, red onion slices, hint of anchovies, and much more. The pulled pork poutine came with aged cheddar and their fries had the usual rosemary salt coating.  Very saucy, a bit spicy, and topped with green onion. We enjoyed our plates for some time. I don't remember any music playing, but there was some chatter as the place was lively.

light all-spice, beautiful aftertaste
There are so many dishes worth coming back for, apart from actually recognizing Jamie Kennedy next time.

 overall... a one-of-a-kind Pinot Noir
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